Kindergarten–2nd Grade Program

The goal of our primary program is to build a solid learning foundation for your children.

In kindergarten, children learn how to learn. They work on skills like following directions, conflict resolution, and critical thinking. In kindergarten, they begin to understand cause-and-effect relationships and the importance of making good decisions. Kindergarten opens the world of learning to your children and whets their appetite to know about the world around them.

1st–2nd Grade
In first and second grade, children learn how to read, write, and communicate effectively. In addition, they develop an understanding of basic math concepts such as number sense, patterns, and time. These essential skills are like building blocks that, if properly laid, will lead to success in the intermediate grades at Wapiti.

Show & Tell

As a part of the community piece to our curriculum, we take time each week for students to share something “newsy and exciting” about themselves or their family’s activities. This time of “show and tell” provides students with the opportunity to practice the communication skills we work on in class (using eye contact, speaking in complete sentences, staying on topic, and being an active listener). The teacher sends out a Show and Tell schedule every month so each student has the opportunity to share. Parents, please help your children remember their day, and ensure that the “show and tell” item will fit into their backpacks.