May 26th - Final Checkout and Staff Goodbye
Dear Parents and Students,

We would really appreciate it if you could stop by the school on Tuesday, May 26th from 12pm - 3pm. This will be a good time to turn in your chromebooks, text books, and say a final goodbye to your Wapiti staff. We will be offering a refreshing treat for our hard working students. We would love to see you all!

We know this was not the way any of us dreamed this school year would end, but you have all handled this with grace, purpose, and hard work.  Parents, I am sure you now know after 8+ weeks of homeschooling, there was a reason we call the students the Wapiti Wild Things :).  A huge thank you to all of our Wapiti parents for being so supportive and helping keep our students on their educational path.  

We look forward to seeing you on May 26th.  Please contact Mr. Couture or Mrs. Dominick if you have any questions.